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3 Tips for Sending Valentine's Day Flowers

28th Jan 2013

Valentine's Day offers on fresh flowers and chocolates are starting to appear everywhere we look. Now is the time to gather your game-plan -- here are a few tips for ordering Valentine's Day flowers online. 

1. Think Unique
Consider sending an extraordinary flower bouquet this Valentine's Day. There are many kinds of flowers beyond the traditional Valentine's Day rose variety. Mix it up a little—send an arrangement of tropical flowers, a bouquet of fragrant lilies, or a bouquet dressed in her favorite color, or over-flowing with her favorite flower. Here are a few more ideas to send for Valentine's Day  

Valentine's Day purple-orchid.jpgA purple orchid. They're beautiful upon arrival, easy to take care of and can blossom for months! Your sweetheart will be enjoying this gift long into spring. 




Valentine's Day flowers endless-love.png



A modern flower arrangement overflowing with blossoms in a leaf-lined vase and hand-delivered will be the talk of the office. Mixed bouquets can include tulips, roses, greens, hydrangeas and much more.





2) Send flowers to your valentine's office

Fresh flowers to the office is such a welcomed surprise, even on Valentine's Day! Here are three tips to consider when ordering flowers to be delivered to your sweetheart's office: 

1. Order early! Make sure you place your order at least a few days before February 14.

2. While most florists won't guarantee delivery times on Valentine's Day, if you get your order in early, there's a better chance they'll arrive earlier so they can enjoy them all day.

3. Be sure to give delivery details to your florist, like department, office building, etc… You don't want your flowers sitting at a reception desk waiting for their final destination. 

3) Ladies … Men love flowers. 

Less than 1/2 of women buy flowers for their partners. Choose a design that is clean and contemporary. Your man will be thrilled with the thought!

Send Valentine's Day flowers to husband bromeliad.jpg

A planted bromeliad beauty, delivered in a bamboo cube brightens any room with it's tropical greenery and a gorgeous red bloom. 




Send Valentine's Day flowers to boyfriend zen.jpg


Looking for something with a bit of Zen artistry? A brilliant green container and exotic palm leaf provide the perfect backdrop for purple orchids and a mix of delightful tropical flowers.







Once you've made your decision on what to order, don't forget to place your order with Blooming Gardens, your florist in Miami Florida! We'd love to serve you!